Our Planet - Tourism

Our Planet 10.1 - Tourism

Klaus Toepfer,
Executive Director, UNEP

Where the buck stops
Ralf Corsten says the tourist industry and nature are natural allies and describes how companies like his must take responsibility for protecting the environment

Change in the air
Colin Marshall says that airlines must constantly try to improve their impact on the environment, and describes his own company's efforts

Beyond attractive destinations
D. J. de Villiers describes how sustainable tourism can both reduce poverty and become the most important economic incentive for environmental protection

No island is an island
Carlston Boucher describes the importance of tourism in making the economies of small island states outward looking

Beyond bananas
Norris Prevost says that tourism, properly developed, can transform economies and bring enormous benefits to small island states and developing countries as a whole

Reefs and reforms
Nelson Andrade describes UNEP's work to promote sustainable tourism in the Caribbean

Crowded shores
Lucien Chabason describes the impact of tourism around the Mediterranean

Not just nature
Elizabeth Halpenny and Nicole R. Otte define ecotourism and discuss its benefits and drawbacks

Keep the sharks out of the mountains
Tej Vir Singh argues that mass tourism is ruining the world's high places, and calls for community-based development instead

Uganda's opportunity
Shaun Mann says that the country, by-passed by mass tourism because of its past troubles, is now pioneering a new course

Asking the right questions
Meenakshi Varandani lists requirements for sustainability

Travelling hopefully
Geoffrey Lipman says that travel and tourism are changing in response to Agenda 21

Green beds and greenbacks
Kenneth F. Hine describes how hotels are increasingly realizing that protecting the environment is good business

UNEP News - Environmental Award

Catalyst for common sense
Simon Upton


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