Our Planet - "UNEP - Looking Forward"

Our Planet 10.2 - UNEP - Looking Forward

Klaus Toepfer,
Executive Director, UNEP

Into the 21st century
Keizo Obuchi welcomes UNEP's reform and says that its importance will increase as it tackles the issues

A stronger conscience
Michael Meacher welcomes UNEP's increasing recovery and points to priority areas where its contribution is crucial

Spirit of optimism
Jürgen Trittin says that UNEP's decline has been reversed and that he expects it to play a central role in a strong institutional framework for environmental protection

Meeting new challenges
Guro Fjellanger says UNEP must create a united and forceful profile in tackling complex new threats to health and the environment

Under threat
Ashok Khosla says that governments of industrialized countries are preventing UNEP from fulfilling its potential

All change?
Richard Sandbrook examines the hurdles confronting UNEP at a critical time in its history



Safety denied
Tewolde Berhan G. Egziabher wonders whether the North is serious about negotiating a Biosafety Protocol

Elephants, mouse-deer and genetic modification
Gurdial Singh Nijar blames the United States of America, its allies, and the European Union, for the breakdown of negotiations on a Biosafety Protocol

A new green revolution
L. Val Giddings says that negotiators must stop exceeding their mandate if the promise of biotechnology is to be realized, and biodiversity protected


Hands on
Robert Lamb laments the disappearance of the environmental documentary on television, but finds there are new ways of covering the issues

From hydrocarbons to bits and bytes
Terrell J. Minger and Meredith Miller describe the telecommunications industry's search for sustainability

FOCUS: Millennial warning
Claude Martin makes a plea for the integration of the biosphere into the whole of human thought


Keeping the flame
Ian Johnson


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