Klaus Toepfer, Executive Director, UNEP

Mohamed T. El-Ashry, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman, GEF

Let action speak louder than words
France Albert René describes what his islands are doing to preserve the environment and calls for a new international programme of action

The size of the problem
Neroni Slade tells Geoffrey Lean how the very smallness of island states puts them at the mercy of threats, from hurricanes and global warming to the storms of the world economy

Looking good, feeling good
Billie A. Miller describes how her country has concentrated its investment in its greatest resource, its people

Vanishing islands
Neroni Slade Tamari’i Tutangata describes how rising seas are already beginning to overwhelm Pacific island nations

Whispers and waste
Frank A. Campbell says that idyllic cruises bring pollution in their wake, and describes what is being done to clean it up

At a glance:
A message from Kofi A. Annan
List of small island developing states
Island states in brief

Preserving paradise
Francesco Frangialli advocates properly managed tourism as the best option for the sustainable development of small islands

Coral grief
Fred Pearce talks to leading scientists monitoring the beautiful ecosystems and leading tourist attractions that are becoming the first major casualty of global warming
Sue Wells: coral tips

Bananas, biodiversity and beauty
Colmore S. Christian describes the importance of forests to small islands, and outlines measures to combat the threats to them

Grassroots: Pride and participation
Sixto J. Incháustegui and Elizabeth Mook

GEF – helping small island developing states
Elizabeth Mook reviews GEF-funded projects in small island developing states

Making a difference
Jacqueline Aloisi de Larderel outlines what UNEP and the tourist industry are doing to promote sustainable tourism in small islands

UNEP – New books:
GEO 2000 and Deep Water

Small is vulnerable
David Bellamy

Measuring vulnerability
Lino Briguglio reviews progress in the development of indices for measuring the economic and environmental vulnerability of small island developing states

Exporting solutions
Lelei LeLaulu describes how small islands are helping the Commonwealth of Independent States

New friends in Seacology
Duane Silverstein describes the step-by-step approach of a small organization with big horizons