Hazardous waste

Klaus Toepfer, Executive Director, UNEP

Celebration and challenge
Svend Auken describes the achievements of the Basel Convention in handling hazardous waste, and outlines how it can be improved

Informal diplomacy
Mostafa K. Tolba tells Geoffrey Lean how last-minute talks between delegates who trusted each other saved the treaties on hazardous wastes and the ozone layer

Being in earnest
Xie Zhenhua describes China’s implementation of the Basel Convention

International Declaration on Cleaner Production

Clean = competitive
Claude Fussler shows how pointing the compass to eco-efficiency brings rapid benefits to the bottom line

Not on planet Earth!
Marcelo Furtado and Kevin Stairs say that the Basel Convention is an essential tool for achieving clean production, environmental justice and sustainable development

The Basel Convention: Ten years on
Philippe Roch

At a glance
Hazardous waste in brief
What UNEP is doing
What you can do

It’s a waste
Alex Kirby outlines the problem of disposing of hazardous wastes and talks to experts about a solution

Move these poisonous mountains
Cheikh Hamallah Sylah and Mark Davis describe the menace of tens of thousands of tonnes of obsolete pesticides building up in developing countries

Broad, global and dynamic
Iwona Rummel-Bulska describes the development and outreach of the Basel Convention

A monumental challenge
Pierre Portas says that the next big task for the Basel Convention is to promote the environmentally sound management and minimization of hazardous waste

UNEP Chemicals
James B. Willis

Latin lessons
Flor de María Perla de Alfaro describes Central America’s measures to control trade in hazardous waste as part of its increasing environmental commitment

Sasakawa Environment Prize

Of potholes and ozone holes
K. Madhava Sarma describes the success of the fight against ozone depletion but warns against complacency

Will we learn?
Joe Farman