Klaus Toepfer, Executive Director, UNEP

Critical crossroads
Ted Turner calls for an urgent change in attitude towards biodiversity and describes what his foundations are doing to help bring it about

Genetically engineered crops: who benefits?
Gordon Conway explains why genetically engineered crops have become controversial and describes how, with a change of focus, they could help achieve a new Green Revolution

Sustainable solutions
Mohammed Valli Moosa puts the case for allowing a limited trade in ivory and elephants

Protect elephants
Richard E. Leakey argues that allowing any trade in ivory will increase the killing of elephants

Getting it together
Maritta Koch-Weser talks to Geoffrey Lean about why conservationists have so far failed to get to grips with the extinction crisis, and outlines her plans for change

CITES: 2000 and beyond
Willem Wijnstekers

At a glance
Biological diversity in brief

Interpol alert
Raymond E. Kendall describes international efforts to beat the illegal wildlife trade

Deep waters, high stakes
Michael E. Huber says that most of the world’s biological heritage lives in the seas, and calls for its protection

Tall trees and bottom lines
Thomas Lovejoy describes the essential services provided by forests and the biodiversity they shelter

Globalizing solutions
Mark Collins suggests a framework of action to move biodiversity up the global agenda

Global Biodiversity: Earth’s living resources in the 21st century

Walking on the wild side leaves heavy footprints
Greg Neale
describes the impact tourism has on biodiversity and points to ways in which it can be reduced

Voices of the Earth
Cultural and Spiritual Values of Biodiversity

Millennium massacre
Valmik Thapar