Klaus Toepfer, Executive Director, UNEP

The right to diversity
HM Queen Noor of Jordan describes how human survival depends on conserving the richness of life, and proposes measures to promote it

Gain, not pain
John Prescott calls for urgent action to tackle climate change, and says that it would benefit everyone

Changing course
Madeleine K. Albright calls for unprecedented international cooperation to tackle the greatest challenge facing the Millennium Summit

From summit to summit
Cletus Avoka assesses the impact of the 1992 Earth Summit and sets out critical issues for its successor planned for 2002

Empowering the poor
Mark Malloch Brown argues that environment protection and sustainable human development are essential to winning the war against poverty

The environment millennium
Kofi A. Annan

Focus on Your World
International Photographic Competition on the Environment

A critical priority
World Resources 2000-2001

Flashing indicators
Domingo Jiminéz-Beltrán describes the impact that the European Union countries have on the global environment, outlining the results of the first study of their use of materials to fuel their economies

Sea changes
Thilo Bode sounds the alarm on the state of the world’s oceans and calls for urgent action

No wires attached
Mark Hickey describes the communications revolution sweeping developed and developing countries and outlines the changes that the power of mobility will bring

Now for vigorous action
Kjell Larsson describes an historic meeting of environment ministers to chart a new course for a new millennium

Malmö Ministerial Declaration

Young, impatient and soon to be in charge

Green spot in Africa
Alexander Peal describes Liberia’s unique forests and the threats to them