Klaus Toepfer, Executive Director, UNEP

Transport and Energy

Driving change
Shoichiro Toyoda describes what his company, and others, are doing to pioneer sustainable mobility

Clearing the bottlenecks
Siv Fridleifsdottir explores how to make the 21st century an age of renewable energy

Commuting sustainably (Singapore)
Lim Swee Say describes how Singapore manages its ever expanding land transport system in an environmentally sustainable way

Transported to the future (Curitiba, Brazil)
Cassio Taniguchi describes how Curitiba’s pioneering public transport system has become a model for developed and developing countries alike

Bucking the trend
(Freiburg, Germany)
Freiburg’s green transport policies are central to the city’s development, reports Rolf Böhme

World Environment Day 2001

Message from the UN Secretary-General
Kofi A. Annan

Message from Cuba
Rosa Elena Simeón Negrin

Message from Turin
Mercedes Bresso and Giuseppe Gamba

Win UNEP-WCMC’s World Atlas of Coral Reefs


Breaking free
Jorma Ollila outlines the environmental opportunities in connecting people through mobile technology

Calling for change
Brad Allenby outlines the environmental challenges of the ‘information revolution’

Reaching the unreached
M. S. Swaminathan shows how Gandhi’s concept of antyodaya provides the most effective way of bridging the modern digital divide

Greening the screen
John D. Liu describes the extraordinary potential of television in mobilizing people in developing countries for sustainable development

Taking the lead
Julia Marton-Lefèvre describes creating a network of future leaders in sustainable development, and keeping them in touch with each other

Wanted: more good reporters
Darryl D’Monte examines the reasons for a decline in environmental coverage in the media in developing countries

On the dot
Tim Foresman presents ‘UNEP Dot Net’: a new look at our world

The city century
Anna Tibaijuka outlines the worldwide possibilities for sustainable development in cities