Win a copy of UNEP’S
Answer these three questions (you can find all the answers in this issue of Our Planet) and tell us in not more than 15 words what you believe is the most important way to alleviate poverty and improve health.

1. Who said ‘Poverty is the worst form of pollution’?

2. What is the world’s deadliest pollutant?

3. How many people rely primarily on traditional medicines to cure their ills?

‘'I believe the most important way to alleviate poverty and improve health is...

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Two first prizes of a copy of UNEP’s Sustainable Sport Management. Eight runners-up prizes of UNEP’s Focus on Your World postcard book.

Entries must be received by SMI, PO BOX 119, PIN GREEN, STEVENAGE, HERTFORDSHIRE SG1 4TP, UK, or no later than 7 December 2001.

The winner and runners up will be chosen by a panel consisting of UNEP’s Executive Director, its Director of Information, and the Editor of Our Planet from the entries received. The decision of the judges is final. This competition is closed to all those working for UNEP, Banson, KPC Group, SMI and all other companies and organizations associated with the production of Our Planet magazine and their families. A full set of rules is available on application from

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Poverty, Health and the Environment

This issue:
Contents | Editorial K. Toepfer | Answering poor health | Tackling water poverty | Everything connects | Up the gross natural product | Stopping AIDS | Whose city is it anyway? | Nutrition | At a glance: Poverty | Competition | World Bank Special: ‘Double burden’ | It’s not just, pollution | Smoke and fires | Breaking the cycle of poison | Pharmacies for life | Viewpoint: Change – or decay | The environment: why we must not give up | World Atlas of Coral Reefs | GTOS: An eyeglass on our planet