Klaus Toepfer, Executive Director, UNEP

Answering poor health
Gro Harlem Brundtland outlines the links between poverty, health and the environment and recommends practical action

Tackling water poverty
Clare Short shows how managing water sustainably is essential to eliminating poverty, and how it enables people to live healthier and more productive lives

Everything connects
Thorbjørn Jagland describes the intimate interlinkages between poverty, health and the environment and sets out priorities for action

Up the gross natural product
Anil Agarwal explains how community-based resource management can solve the ecological poverty afflicting the world's poor

Stopping AIDS
Patty Stonesifer shows how AIDS discriminates against the poor and says that this is the pivotal moment for tackling the spread of the disease

Whose city is it anyway?
Jockin Arputham suggests how people living in slum environments can escape the cycle of poverty and disease

Richard Jolly

At a glance: Poverty

Win UNEP’s Sustainable Sport Management

World Bank Special:
‘Double burden’
Ian Johnson and Kseniya Lvovsky show how the health of the poor suffers most from both traditional and modern environmental hazards

It’s not just, pollution
Robert D. Bullard describes the struggle for environmental justice in the United States and worldwide over the last two decades

Smoke and fires
Vinod Mishra assesses the devastating effects of cooking smoke on poor people in developing countries

Breaking the cycle of poison
Sarojeni V. Rengam reports how excessive pesticide use traps farmers in poverty, and outlines some solutions

Pharmacies for life
Nat Quansah says that the sustainable use of biodiversity offers the best hope of meeting the health needs of the poor

Viewpoint: change – or decay
Charles Secrett argues that Northern green groups must break out of their ‘white, middle-class ghettos’ to address the inequalities that drive environmental destruction

The environment: why we must not give up
Kim Hak-Su explains why none of us can give up on the environment or on solutions to prevent its degradation

World Atlas of Coral Reefs

GTOS: An eyeglass on our planet
Reuben Sessa and Jeff Tschirley