Klaus Toepfer, Executive Director, UNEP

Secure and sustainable
Loyola de Palacio outlines a strategy to meet the energy challenges of a changing world

Fuelling multilateralism
Bagher Asadi says that an internationalist approach can resolve differences between developed and developing countries over energy, climate change and sustainable development and build a sustainable future

Meeting growing needs
François Roussely calls for a long-term strategy that is in the public interest

Make way for the zero-litre car
Joachim Milberg says that we must now decide on how to drive into the future and outlines how to enter the hydrogen age

Power sharing
Kader Asmal reports on how to maximize the benefits, and minimize the downside, of hydropower from large dams

Oil and rising water
Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan says that Middle Eastern oil producers have an obligation to future generations to tackle the causes of global warming

Energetic challenges
Jim Adam

At a glance: Energy
What UNEP is doing

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Power to the people
Corrado Clini describes how renewable energy is a key resource for combating poverty and protecting the environment

Cutting carbon
Ye Ruqiu describes China’s remarkable achievement in cutting energy use and carbon dioxide emissions while both its economy and its population grew

Winds of change
Svend Auken describes the role of wind power in Denmark in moving towards a sustainable energy future

Power and choice
Gerd Leipold says that choosing a massive expansion of renewable energy would increase security, reduce poverty, and restore economic confidence as well as tackling climate change

Rising sun
Jeremy Leggett argues that solar energy could meet most of the world’s needs within a decade

Give us a wave!
David Ross says that the immense potential of wave power is on its way to being realized

Less energy, more wealth
Ernst von Weizsäcker