Message to the Second
Global Environment Facility Assembly

Beijing, 16-18 October 2002

Kofi A. Annan
Secretary-General of the United Nations

The Global Environment Facility (GEF), a strategic alliance of the United Nations Environment Programme, the United Nations Development Programme and the World Bank, is an innovative source of funding designed to address such urgent problems as climate change, loss of biodiversity and degradation of water, land and the atmosphere. Its recent replenishment by $2.92 billion in donor contributions for another four-year period demonstrates the importance that its stakeholders – developing and developed countries alike – attach to it, and will allow the GEF to continue its invaluable work of supporting the major environmental conventions and making the connection between local and global environmental challenges.

This second GEF Assembly offers a timely opportunity to steer this mechanism so that it builds on both the World Summit on Sustainable Development and the Monterrey Consensus adopted at the International Conference on Financing for Development. I urge all involved to continue supporting the GEF and, most of all, to take the decisive steps that are needed right away if the world is to achieve sustainable development.

Kofi A. Annan
Secretary-General of the United Nations


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