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Klaus Toepfer, Executive Director, UNEP

World Environment Day
Margot Wallström, EU Commissioner for the Environment

Water is life
HRH Prince Talal Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, UNESCO’s Special Envoy for Water, describes how the International Year of Freshwater provides an opportunity for governments and individuals to take stock of what they can do to resolve the global water crisis

The water century
Ryutaro Hashimoto, Chairman, National Japanese Steering Committee, World Water Forum, says that resolving water issues will be the paramount challenge of the 21st century, and describes the work of this year’s 3rd World Water Forum in addressing them

Taking it at the flood
Wang Shucheng, Minister of Water Resources, People’s Republic of China, describes a change in philosophy that has brought new strategies for flood control and disaster mitigation in China

Renewing the commitment
Paula J. Dobriansky, United States Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs, outlines the international strategy for meeting the world’s water needs and describes what the United States of America is doing to implement it

Waterless cities
Anna Kajumulo Tibaijuka, Under-Secretary-General, United Nations; Executive Director, UN-HABITAT, shows that the urban water and sanitation crisis is much worse than official statistics suggest, and outlines action to meet key global goals

Keeping pollution at bay
Wayne Gilchrest, Chairman, Resources Subcommittee on Fisheries Conservation, Wildlife and Oceans, US House of Representatives, describes how cutting freshwater pollution can preserve wetlands and restore valuable marine ecosystems


At a glance:
The world’s water crisis

Changing agenda
Richard Jolly, Chair, WSSCC, describes old fallacies and new directions for water, sanitation and hygiene

Nor any drop to drink
Ashok Khosla, President, Development Alternatives, says that water scarcity is damaging health, constraining agriculture and industry and becoming a potent source of conflict

Bridging troubled waters
Pekka Haavisto, Chairman, UNEP’s Desk Study on the Occupied Palestinian Territories, describes how environmental cooperation, particularly over shared water resources, could aid the Israeli-Palestinian peace process

Books & products

Getting there
Ravi Narayanan, Director, WaterAid, describes the hurdles in the way of achieving the Millennium Development Goals on water and sanitation and outlines strategies to overcome them

Sinking fast
Jonathan Loh, Editor, WWF’s Living Planet Report; Lisa Hadeed, Communications Manager, WWF International, detail the rapid loss of species in freshwaters, the worst affected habitat on Earth

Waste not
Polly Ghazi, Senior Correspondent, Green Futures, describes the potential for using water more efficiently to meet looming shortages

Water – the poor’s priority
Shabana Azmi, actor, talks to Darryl D’Monte

Atomic power
Marina Mansilla Hermann, Student of Environmental Science, Argentina