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TUNZA Acting for a Better World is a richly illustrated guide to sustainable development issues for young people, by young people. Boldly designed, and dedicated to the youth of the world, the kit was launched at the inaugural Tunza International Youth Conference in Russia in August 2003. The book is intended to increase awareness on environmental issues and to provide young people with access to credible and relevant information that they can adapt to address problems and influence their communities. It is also hoped that TUNZA will contribute to the development of good environmental ethics among youth and enable them to cope with current environmental challenges and those of the future. The book is available from, $20 plus postage and packing
Facts about the world water crisis and examples of positive community action are given in Troubled Waters: a Profile for Community Action produced by the Harmony Foundation of Canada. It is the latest in a series of profiles, which also cover biodiversity and climate change, as companion to the Community Action Workshop Manual which provides a process for planning community projects and education programmes.
US environmentalists and safety experts have come up with a new way of tackling the increasing love affair with the sports utility vehicle (SUV) – designing a better one. The Union of Concerned Scientists and the Center for Auto Safety have launched the Guardian, which has the same power and performance as current models, but is much safer and uses much less fuel. Each SUV contributes 40 per cent more to global warming than an average car, and the vehicles are responsible for most of last year’s increase in road traffic deaths in the United States: they have lower safety and fuel standards to meet than cars. The new design includes many more safety features and boosts fuel performance by up to 71 per cent. The designers say that, if applied to the whole US fleet over the next five years, it would save oil equivalent to half the country’s imports from Saudi Arabia each year.
Climate Affairs, by Professor Michael Glantz, the senior scientist at the National Centre for Atmospheric Research (published by Island Press) is a concise presentation of the many dimensions of the world’s increasing vulnerability to climate change. Dr R.K. Pauchari, the Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, calls it: ‘an extremely perceptive and persuasive analysis’.
It looks like a conventional petrol station, but it sells the widest range of alternative fuels in any one location in California, which is leading the world in the drive for non-polluting ways to power cars. The station in the City Heights district of San Diego sells compressed natural gas, liquefied propane gas, ultra-low sulphur diesel and biodiesel made from recycled oil used for making French fries. The brainchild of Steve Bimson, a former marketing director at a local Ford dealership, it also charges up battery-powered cars. California’s official goal is for 10 per cent of its new car sales to be of zero- or low-emission vehicles by 2005.
New smoke hoods to combat deadly indoor pollution from cooking stoves and fires are being installed in homes of Maasai people in the Kajaido area of Kenya. The smoke hoods have been designed by the Intermediate Technology Development Group in close cooperation with the communities. Made out of local materials, the hoods draw smoke and fumes up and away from the hearth and out through a simple chimney, which cuts indoor pollution by up to 70 per cent.
PHOTOGRAPHS: Union of Concerned Scientists, Regional Transportation Center, ITDG/Dr Nigel Bruce

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