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Klaus Toepfer, Executive Director, UNEP

Abundant Potential
P.J. Patterson, Prime Minister of Jamaica, describes how developing renewable sources and energy conservation is charting his country’s sustainable energy future

The Energy Numbers Game
Monique Barbut, Director of UNEP’s Division of Technology, Industry and Economics, describes successful attempts to build renewable energy markets and local clean energy enterprises in developing countries

Small is Powerful
Amory B. Lovins, physicist and co-founder and CEO of the Rocky Mountain Institute, describes how the decentralised and efficient use of renewable energy is the key to clean development


Ultimate Energy
Takashi Tomita, Corporate Director and Group General Manager of Solar Systems Group, SHARP Corporation, says that solar power is needed to improve people’s lives, protect the environment and enhance world peace

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At a Glance:

Prima Donna Power
Hermann Scheer, President of EUROSOLAR and General Chairman of the World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE), describes how photovoltaic solar energy conversion offers humanity a unique opportunity and calls for political programmes to promote it

Falling Water, Rising Power
Richard Taylor, Executive Director of the International Hydropower Association, says that sustainable hydropower, although not a panacea, is infinitely renewable, improves energy security and reduces poverty – yet has still to realise its full potential

Waking the Giant
Elena Merle-Béral, an analyst in the International Energy Agency and co-author of Renewables in Russia: from Opportunity to Reality and Coming in from the Cold: Improving District Heating Policy in Transition Economies, describes how the world’s largest energy nation would benefit from developing renewable sources of energy, despite its wealth of fossil fuels

Blowing in the Wind
Kalpana Sharma, Deputy Editor and Chief of the Mumbai Bureau of The Hindu, describes how a developing country has become the world’s fourth largest generator of wind power

Sugar Solution
Marcelo Poppe, a former Secretary of State for Energy Development of Brazil, and Isaías Macedo, a former Director of the Sugar Cane Technology Centre. Both advise the Centre for Strategic Management and Studies in Brasilia, describe the experience of the world’s leading producer and consumer of biofuels

Climbing the Ladder
Okwy Iroegbu, Head of the Environment/Property Desk, NewAge Newspapers, Lagos, Nigeria, says that the vital contribution of decentralising energy production and developing renewable sources to fight poverty has yet to be realised

Clearing Away Carbon
Peter Read, researcher in climate change response strategies at Massey University, New Zealand, outlines a holistic strategy to use biofuels and carbon storage to return carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to pre-industrial levels

Evolve with us!
Elissa Smith, (20) is President of the Canadian Youth Environmental Network and North American Representative on the UNEP Tunza Youth Advisory Council