Our Planet - Human Settlements

Elizabeth Dowdeswell,
Executive Director, UNEP

Change of habitat
Wally N'Dow reports that humanity is about to become a predominantly urban species, and outlines how HABITAT II will confront the challenges of this new world

Crucibles of development
James D. Wolfensohn outlines issues and priorities in the developing countries

Cities: our common future
Klaus Toepfer explains how urban conditions will shape humanity's future and suggests practical ways of making cities sustainable

Melting pots and marketplaces
Jorge Wilheim describes how cities will lead the world through a painful transition

Healing past scars
B. H. Holomisa sets out to turn the citadels of apartheid into sustainable cities

Change comes from the cities
Jaime Lerner draws lessons from experience in pioneering environmentally friendly

Doorstepping the millennium
Üner Kirdar draws on long experience to explain how the world community has matured in tackling global issues

Giant footprints
Herbert Girardet describes how cities trample across the world environment, and charts some steps away from destruction

Creating the participatory city
Somsook Boonyabancha calls for development of the people, by the people

Grassroots: A voice for the homeless
Don de Silva

Viewpoint: Just another conference?
David Satterthwaite

Measuring the unmeasurable
Arthur Lyon Dahl examines different forms of sustainability and proposes a way of tracking progress towards them


Designing sustainable solutions
Rachel Chatterjee


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