Our Planet - Culture, Values and the Environment

Elizabeth Dowdeswell,
Executive Director, UNEP

Crucible for a common ethic
Federico Mayor explains the role of culture in sustainable development

Valuing the environment
John Gummer calls for a mobilization of moral vision and changed lifestyle to forestall 'environmental winter'

The East is green
Laxmi Mall Singhvi outlines the cultural foundation for environmentally friendly values laid down over many centuries in India

Guardians of the natural order
Fazlun Khalid outlines the Islamic approach to environmental protection

Changing the in-vironment
Mary Lean describes how development approaches often fail to tap one of the most potent resources of the poor

All in the mind
Tore J. Brevik says that only changes in attitude will achieve a sustainable future and describes UNEP's work to bring them about

Greening the Olympics
Olav Myrholt describes how the environment has become the third pillar of the Olympic Movement in its centenary year

Grassroots: From bypass to superhighway
Don de Silva

Viewpoint: Values beyond price
Vandana Shiva says that concentration on monetary values is at the root of the ecological crisis

Focus: Changing the culture
Christina Amoako-Nuama describes efforts to empower women in environmental decision-making through cultural change


Real life on Earth
David Attenborough


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