Our Planet - Water

Elizabeth Dowdeswell,
Executive Director, UNEP

Beating the water crisis
Ismail Serageldin sets out themes for a new millennium in strategic water resources management

The stuff of life
Anders Wijkman calls for a global partnership to turn tackling the world water crisis into a basis for sustainable development

Beware an ecological tsunami
Jane Lubchenco describes the growing crisis of the oceans, and calls for a full international scientific assessment

Ground for concern
Stephen Foster argues that groundwater is undervalued and urgently needs protection

Sharing water fairly
Charles W. Howe proposes arrangements for adapting the allocation of water to changing social values

Grassroots: Pumping with life
Don de Silva

Precious, finite and irreplaceable
Jorge Illueca and Walter Rast call for environmentally sustainable management of freshwater resources, and outline UNEP's work to achieve it

Land and sea
Omar Vidal and Walter Rast explain the history and outreach of a new Global Programme of Action for protecting the seas from activities on land

The coast is the key
E. S. Diop outlines an urgently needed integrated programme of marine and coastal zone management for West Africa

Viewpoint: Damned to destruction
Philip B. Williams says that the onslaught on fresh free-flowing water by the building of massive dams is the greatest threat to the world's rivers

Special GEF supplement: International waters update
The Global Environment Facility adopts Operational Strategy for the International Waters Focal Area


Water is everything
Vaasiliifiti Moelagi Jackson


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