Our Planet - Food

Elizabeth Dowdeswell,
Executive Director, UNEP

Food for All: the World Food Summit
Jacques Diouf explains the urgent need to agree on a far-reaching Plan of Action at the Summit

Securely sustainable
Nurul Islam says that the world can both feed itself and protect the environment over the next quarter of a century

The era of scarcity is upon us
Lester Brown that food security is going to be the defining issue of our time, as rising demand hits the world's ecological limits

Fishing forever
Emma Bonino describes the European Community's work to ensure sustainable fisheries

Greening the fields
Hans Jonsson describes Sweden's progress towards its official goal of having the 'cleanest agriculture in the world'

A dangerous crossroads
Maciej Nowicki points a way ahead for Polish agriculture, hitherto unaffected by the intensification

Sustainability works
Jules N. Pretty argues that 'sustainable intensification' is the way to feed the world

Farm the city
Jac Smit says that urban agriculture is vital for food security and sustainable development

Viewpoint: The real roots of security
Oscar B. Zamora argues that local control of biodiversity is the best way to achieve food security

Getting off the pesticide treadmill
Barbara Dinham describes how partnerships to implement integrated pest management boost yields, save money and protect the environment

Grassroots: Saving money - and seeds
Don de Silva

Woodman, spare those genes!
Abdou-Salam Ouedraogo and Ruth D. Raymond urge greater management, conservation and use of forest genetic resources


How ecological agriculture changed my life
Gabino López: How ecological agriculture changed my life


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