Our Planet 8.5 - UNEP 25

The promise of Stockholm
Elizabeth Dowdeswell,
Executive Director, UNEP

The way ahead
Maurice F. Strong evaluates UNEP's achievements over the past 25 years and suggests a clarification of its future role

Redefining UNEP
Mostafa K. Tolba, talking to Geoffrey Lean, suggests new global, regional and national roles for UNEP as it enters its second quarter of a century

Saving the shield
Mario J. Molina describes the success of the Montreal Protocol in protecting the
Earth's endangered ozone layer

Desert reaches Europe
Emma Gabunshina describes how desertification has caused an environmental crisis in European Russia and the struggle, assisted by UNEP, to combat it

Critical coastlines
Eileen B. Claussen outlines action to implement the Global Programme of Action for the Protection of the Marine Environment from Land-based Activities

Cleaner, timely and all-embracing
Osama A. El-Kholy describes the rapid development of UNEP's Cleaner Production Programme and outlines the challenges ahead

Insuring the future
Carlos Joly assesses the insurance industry's financial stake in the environment and describes the initiative it is taking with UNEP to protect it

Mapping the web of life
Vernon Heywood gives an insider's view of the compiling of the Global Biodiversity Assessment and of the main lessons to be drawn from it

What others think...
Quotations from around the world

Global environmental citizenship
Alicia Bárcena

On the world, by the world, for the world
The Global Environment Outlook


The planet does not belong to grown-ups only
Harsha Batra


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