Our Planet - Chemicals

Our Planet - Chemicals

Elizabeth Dowdeswell,
Executive Director, UNEP

Our millennium challenge
David T. Buzzelli calls for sound
science and eco-efficiency to achieve
environmentally sustainable

A poisoned legacy
Ruben Mnatsakanian surveys the
inheritance of chemical pollution in
Eastern Europe and the former USSR

Trouble in store
Alemayehu Wodageneh describes
the crisis of stocks of obsolete pesticides
building up in developing countries
and suggests how to tackle it

Global distillation
Frank Wania and Don Mackay describe
how a recently-discovered phenomenon
is turning polar areas into chemical dumps

Viewpoint: Bhopal blinded us all
Sanjoy Hazarika says that the lessons
of the world's greatest industrial disaster
are still largely unlearned

Restoring children's birthrights
Theo Colborn describes worldwide effects of
endocrine-disrupting chemicals and calls for
a new global research effort to tackle them

Implementing the plan
John Whitelaw describes how the decisions
taken on chemicals at the 1992 Earth
Summit have been put into practice

A crucial juncture
Surya Prakash Chandak examines the
potential for cleaner production in
India's chemical industry

Grassroots: Chemical-free farming
Don de Silva

Environmental democracy
Susan Hazen describes how Right-to-Know
programmes are enabling the public to
participate in environmental decision-making

Ministers call for a stronger, revitalized UNEP
UNEP Governing Council

Nairobi Declaration
The role and mandate of the
United Nations Environment Programme


Women's war against cancer
Bella S. Abzug


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