Our Planet - The Way Ahead

Elizabeth Dowdeswell,
Executive Director, UNEP

An indispensable contribution
Kofi A. Annan calls for UNEP to lead the attack on environmentally unsustainable trends

Litmus test
Razali Ismail describes what the special session of the General Assembly should address and outlines what he hopes it will achieve

Remaking industrial civilization
Maurice F. Strong assesses the contrasting performance of governments and peoples since the Earth Summit in an interview with Geoffrey Lean, and outlines priorities for the special session

Now the rich must adjust
Shridath Ramphal says it is the turn of affluent countries to embrace the discipline of structural adjustment if the crisis over consumption and resources is to be addressed

Grassroots: Thinking globally, acting locally
Don de Silva

Win-win finance
Theodore Panayotou suggests new and innovative ways to finance sustainable development

Time for change
Rudolf Dolzer says that the challenges facing the world call for a stronger global environmental authority

Towards a new system
Michael Ben-Eli outlines weaknesses in the governance of global environmental affairs and suggests a new integrated approach

The future is not what it used to be
David Nostbakken examines the role of new information technologies in changing environmental attitudes

Focus: Profits with honour
Margaret G. Kerr describes, from her own experience, how environmental responsibility is good business

The GEF: Five years after Rio
Global Environment Facility

Our future is now
Maurice Njoroge


For Life on Earth
Hyon-Wook Kang


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