The OzonAction Programme

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The OzonAction Programme

Creating enabling conditions

Since 1991, the OzonAction Programme of UNEP's Industry and Environment office, working under the Multilateral Fund for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol, has been designing, developing and delivering quality-reviewed and need-based services for key stakeholders in developing countries.

OzonAction is an enabling Programme that strengthens the capacity of governments and industry in developing countries to make informed decisions on technology and policy options that will result in cost-effective phase-out activities. The successful phase-out of ozone-depleting substances (ODS) at a national level depends on an effective institutional machinery. Building up expertise of National Ozone Units responsible for the management of the ODS phase-out Programme with minimal external intervention is one of the goals of OzonAction.

The key components of the Programme are:

- Information exchange to enable decision makers to take informed decisions on policies and investments.

- Training and Networking on technology awareness and policy development to assist stakeholders to use the information.

- Country Programmes and Institutional Strengthening for low volume consuming countries to initiate implementation of phase-out.

The main information and management 'tools' that the Programme provides to developing countries include the OzonAction Information Clearing-house (OAIC) diskette, a quarterly newsletter, sector-specific technical publications that provide information on identifying and selecting alternative technologies, and policy guidelines, among others.

Training is conducted at a regional level, although support is extended to national activities and is aimed at building skills to implement phase-out activities.

The Programme at present operates seven regional and sub-regional Networks of ODS Officers globally, with over 80 member countries, which has resulted in these countries' taking early steps to implement the Montreal Protocol.

OzonAction has to date assisted Country Programmes for 74 countries and is currently implementing Institutional Strengthening projects for 50 countries.

For more information on the OzonAction Programme, please contact:

Mr. Rajendra M. Shende, Coordinator, UNEP IE OzonAction Programme, 39-43 quai André Citroën, 75739 Paris, France.

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