Our Planet - Ozone

Elizabeth Dowdeswell,
Executive Director, UNEP

Change of atmosphere
F. Sherwood Rowland describes the discovery of ozone depletion and looks at prospects for the future

Covenant with the future
G. Victor Buxton gives a first-hand account of how the international community has set out to safeguard humanity's atmospheric heritage

Avoiding disaster
Jan C. van der Leun describes what is known about the effects of ozone depletion on health, and shows how international action has avoided enormous rises in skin cancer

A fund of solutions
Omar El-Arini describes how the Multilateral Fund has helped transfer technology

The OzonAction Programme
Creating enabling conditions

Viewpoint: Effective, but how fair?
Anil K. Agarwal, in a personal view, outlines the successes, strengths and shortcomings of the Montreal Protocol from an Indian perspective

Small is important
Sateeaved Seebaluck outlines the special problems faced by low consumers of ozone-depleting substances, and calls for special measures

Taking firm steps
Liu Yi describes what China has already done to phase out ozone-depleting substances and charts the way forward

Smugglers beware!
Dave Stirpe describes the campaign against a black market in ozone-depleting substances

Industry in the lead
Stephen O. Anderson describes how industry has accelerated phase-outs of ozone-depleting substances, and draws hopeful lessons for the battle against global warming


Renewing our commitment,
celebrating our progress

Christine Stewart
Canadian Minister of the Environment


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