Our Planet - Climate Change

Elizabeth Dowdeswell,
Executive Director, UNEP

The heat is on
Robert Watson explains that the decisions taken at Kyoto will affect the world for millennia

Everything to gain
Robin Cook describing global warming as a threat without parallel, says that those that move to combat it now will gain economically

A new partnership to make a difference
John Browne calls for industry to meet the challenge and opportunity of global warming and outlines what his oil company is doing

Scaffolding or scaffold?
Neroni Slade argues that the Convention on Climate Change remains an empty framework, imperilling the survival of small island states

Turning to the sun
Jai Narain Prasad Nishad outlines India's strategy for conserving fossil fuels and mitigating climate change by developing renewable sources of energy

A matter of convention
Michael Zammit Cutajar examines the philosophy behind the Convention on Climate Change and the role that the Kyoto Conference will play in reaching its goal

Viewpoint: The lion in the dark
R. Shakespeare Maya argues that developing countries have become their own worst enemies by failing to take a strong enough negotiating position on climate change

The South is acting
A. Atiq Rahman describes voluntary action on greenhouse gases by developing countries, and says that the North must stop taking the planet hostage

Carbon for sale!
Christiana Figueres and Anne Hambleton describe a win-win strategy for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions in developing countries

Current events
Michael H. Glantz examines the El Niño phenomenon and discusses suggestions that recent events may be related to global warming


Averting catastrophe
Hiroshi Ohki


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