Our Planet - Fresh Water

Fresh Water, Our Planet 9.4

Klaus Toepfer,
Executive Director, UNEP

Dry or drowning?
John Chilton asks whether it is within the capability of humankind to ensure sustainable urban water supplies

Tapping industrial ingenuity
Al Fry and Walter Rast assess the part that industry can play in safeguarding water resources into the next century

A vulnerable global heritage
Andrew L. Hamilton argues that the extreme vulnerability of freshwater biodiversity demands a re-think of the human values, decisions and socio-economic systems that threaten it

Small islands, big problems
Elizabeth Khaka outlines the special
water needs of small islands

El Niño, La Niña
and freshwater resources

Michael H. Glantz explains how El Niño can help water resource planning

Quality control
Ed Ongley argues that a fresh look at methods for monitoring water quality is essential if development needs are to be met

Something old, something new
Jeffrey A. Thornton


A special supplement to coincide with the
Global Environment Facility Assembly,
April 1998

Message from the Secretary-General
Kofi A. Annan

A shared interest
Klaus Toepfer reaffirms that sustainable development does not place artificial limits on economic growth, provided that growth is both economically and environmentally sustainable

Collaboration makes a difference
James D. Wolfensohn describes how GEF-funded demonstrations should act as beacons for environmentally sustainable development

Life support systems under siege
James Gustave Speth outlines UNDP's role as implementing agency for the GEF

Global environmental benefits
through local action: the GEF

Mohamed T. El-Ashry describes the GEF's work to build partnerships as the only option for achieving socially and environmentally sustainable development

Keeping the GEF on its toes
Pier Vellinga describes the work of the Scientificand Technical Advisory Panel under his chairmanship, and calls on UNEP to take a greater role in the GEF

Rescuing the source of life
John C. Pernetta describes how UNEP and the GEF are working together to assess the state of the world's waters and to solve their problems

Fostering investment in
sustainable development

Maurice Strong outlines the need for strengthening the entire sustainable development movement

GEF facts and figures


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