Our Planet - Climate and Action

Elizabeth Dowdeswell,
Executive Director, UNEP

Opportunity, not obstacle
Tony Blair says that reducing emissions of greenhouse gases can increase competitiveness, employment and quality of life

Call for more action
Ritt Bjerregaard calls for determined action to tackle climate change and outlines what Europe is doing

Picking up the gauntlet
Mark Moody-Stuart describes how Shell is implementing the Kyoto Protocol and its commitment to developing renewable sources of energy

The new green marketplace
Rubens Ricupero assesses the effects of market forces on the environment and the role of economic instruments in addressing global warming

Energizing change
Mohamed T. El-Ashry describes the GEF's work to combat climate change

Small is dutiful
Terry Donald Coe describes the action Niue is taking with the help of UNEP and the GEF

Box: Enabling activities
Ravi Sharma

Tax bads, not goods
Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker and Hermann E. Ott say that an ecological tax reform is the most effective way to meet the targets for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases

Catch that carbon
Madhav Gadgil examines ways of cutting emissions of carbon dioxide by growing forests and burning hydrogen

Start locally
R.K. Pachaurisays developing countries must use economic instruments to tackle local environmental problems before they can be explicitly designed for climate change

Trading gases
Richard L. Sandor says that emission trading is the cheapest and most effective way to fight climate change and outlines how a market should be set up

Time to adapt
Jan F. Feenstra calls for urgent policy changes to give a higher priority to adaptation to climate change in developing countries

Fire watch
Johann G. Goldammer describes how global warming and forest wildfire disasters may become locked in a vicious circle

Sibling rivalry
Peter Usher warns that La Niña may be succeeding El Niño, and calls for research to understand and anticipate both phenomena

Gathering force
G. O. P. Obasi


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