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Klaus Töpfer, Executive Director, UNEP

Building partnerships, mobilizing resources
Ioan Jelev, United Nations Secretary of State for the Environment, Romania, reports on the last Conference of the Parties and looks forward to the new one

Much to discuss, much to do
Sachiko Kuwabara-Yamamoto, Executive Secretary, Basel Convention, describes the work of the Basel Convention and the challenges ahead

Delivery time
Elliot Morley, Environment Minister, UK, hails the successes of the Basel Convention and calls for a higher profile and a focus on strategic delivery

Adolescence and money problems
Everton Vieira Vargas, Director, Department of the Environment and Special Issues, Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Relations, argues that mobilizing resources for implementing the Basel Convention should take precedence over urgent debates on its effectiveness and on broadening its scope

Complete the job
Richard Gutierrez, Toxics Policy Analyst, Basel Action Network, argues that the Basel Convention has not yet vanquished insanity and ruthlessness in the toxic waste trade and calls for true partnerships to forge sustainable solutions

Creating synergy
Suzanne Arup Veltzé, Managing Director, International Solid Waste Association, describes a fruitful partnership where three major players in international waste management have joined forces for development

New challenges
Philippe Roch, State Secretary and Director, Swiss Agency for the Environment, Forests and Landscape, outlines issues facing the Basel Convention and calls for commitment to develop it further