Wildlife Works is putting the power of the global consumer to work for conservation programmes around the world. It's called Consumer Powered Conservation, and it's working!

UNEP selected Wildlife Works to be its official merchandise partner because of its activities to protect wilderness while creating sustainable development for communities in Africa. Together, Wildlife Works and UNEP are proud to bring you examples of world-class products that we hope will provide inspiration and show that the environment can be protected without sacrificing beauty or quality. Better yet, all of the products just happen to be made from materials that represent the best in sustainability - and they are all made in fairtrade conditions.

In Kenya, Wildlife Works' Rukinga Wildlife Sanctuary has opened a key migration corridor for endangered elephants, cheetahs, wild dogs, zebras and 43 other large mammal species. At the same time, by creating jobs and building schools, Wildlife Works helped the people living near Rukinga to see wildlife in a new light. Today, these precious animals represent an economic asset to the local community.

photo: Bert Weisbart/UNEP/Topham

Building on this success, Wildlife Works has set its sights on new conservation projects in other parts of the world.

In British Columbia, it is actively pursuing a plan to support the Great Bear Rainforest Agreement initiative, which aims to create alternatives to the intensive logging of this ancient Canadian rainforest.

Wildlife Works is also exploring ways to bring Consumer Powered Conservation to the Nepal border region within India, where the red panda is critically endangered, and to Uganda, where mountain gorillas are under threat of extinction.

And it won't stop there. Wherever wildlife is endangered by hunting, loss of habitat or other threats, Wildlife Works believes there's an opportunity for change - an opportunity to help create an enduring economic basis for wildlife survival.


Examples of Wildlife Works official UNEP merchandise

  Ten per cent of every purchase goes to UNEP to help it fund programmes around the world that promote sustainable development.

So wear your UNEP merchandise with pride knowing that you helped promote the goals of the United Nations Environment Programme!

  UNEP Official Merchandise Store by Wildlife Works

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