As a child, girl scouting introduced me to nature, and tree planting marked my introduction to stewardship of this wonderful planet. This led to greater endeavours. From where I live in the Philippines, I was elected as Chair of Save the Mother Earth Movement. At our eco-camps, talks and activities promoted environmentalism among students and encouraged sustainable environmental practices.

At school I investigated using potato starch to produce easily degraded plastics and in 2000 I qualified for the Youth Research Apprenticeship Program, where I opted to work with the Philippines Department of Environment and Natural Resources on toxic metal removal.


Then in 2004 I was chosen as a Bayer Young Environmental Envoy, after a thorough national selection process. This has widened my perspectives and given me a greater role in a global effort to create a better world.

'Being an envoy is a commitment to a sustainable future'

I am now working on a campaign where usable, recyclable solid waste from my university is sent to nearby barangays or neighbourhoods to be processed into useful products or composted. The finished products can then be marketed - supporting local livelihoods. It is a simple project, yet it could have a great impact on the environment.

Being an environmental envoy is not just a distinction - it is a commitment to creating a sustainable future. My vision is of a planet where people enjoy their environment and all that it has to offer without destroying it and without compromising the needs of generations to come.

With my small endeavours, and those of all of the young people from different regions sharing the same aim, I am optimistic that
this dream is fast on its way to becoming a reality.

Maila Q. Beniera,
Bayer Young
Environmental Envoy,


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