Half the earth's people are under 20 years old. Our voice matters - and now we have a new forum to make it heard.

UNEP and UNESCO have set up the youthXchange (YXC) project - www.youthxchange.net - to enable us to get involved and contribute to the global drive for sustainability, towards a world with 'some, for all, forever'.

The project connects young people with the social and environmental issues that touch daily life. From food to fashion, health to hobbies, YXC provides facts, figures and ideas to move towards more sustainable living.

Want to be in the know? Check out the interactive atlas for what's going on and where. Like to shop? Visit the Sustainable Department Store to make informed decisions when you buy. Interested in spreading the word to your friends? Try the trainer's room for the tools you'll want.

YXC isn't a step-by-step guide on how to live; it's a resource jam packed with the information needed to make smart and
sane choices. The printed guide, website and live chat forums can help us look beyond our own backyards and discover what's happening in the world.


Adults and governments are starting to recognize what we knew all along: we're part of the solution, not a problem. Many of us can't wait to share our ideas and participate in the dialogues and debates, since we are to inherit this earth and care deeply about what is happening to it. And we've got the time, talents and enthusiasm to make a difference.

Young people are poised to make or break history. The opportunity to bring real change is at our fingertips. Let's use the resources available and take the planet by storm. Together, we can Xplore, Xcite, Xtend and Xercise choice - raising the bar for our peers and the generations ahead.



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