Magenta and the Magic Cloth is no ordinary fashion club. The stylish young women who founded the group at Half Hollow High School East in New York say: 'The world is like a cloth and we are the millions of individual threads that maintain the structure of this cloth'.

For the past two years, club members have staged a school fashion show, with student models, clothing donations and raffle prizes, to raise money for small-scale water filtration systems in Huacaria, Peru. They also craft handbags made from old blue jeans for the girls of the village and fill them with toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, pens and notebooks.

The club began in 2003 as part of the United Nations Cyberschoolbus Pumped Up for Peace programme, which connects classrooms around the world with communities in need. Although its founder, 19-year-old Anna Oren has since graduated, she says that the club is part of a global effort that 'will continue wherever warm and eager hearts are found'.


      photo: H. Schwarzbach/UNEP/Topham  
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