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Frozen paths in Russia rarely lead to dry Kenyan highlands - or India's steaming tropics. But for three days in February 2005, UNEP hosted young veterans of its 2003 Tunza International Youth Conference in Dubna, Russia at a Tunza Global Youth Retreat in Nairobi - on the way to Bangalore.

The 44 youth leaders from 35 countries looked at how young people could contribute towards achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in their own countries. They had a roundtable discussion with environment ministers and senior UNEP officials to talk about getting young people more involved in implementing them.

They made both collective and individual commitments that they aim to achieve between now and the 2005 Tunza International Youth Conference in Bangalore in October. These commitments - the 'Road to Bangalore'- are based on the Ten Tunza Commitments adopted in Dubna to promote sustainable lifestyles.


  • Peer-to-peer education - We will inform our peers about the MDGs and what we have learnt during the Retreat and the roundtable discussions. With peer-to-peer education we are able to generate public awareness regarding all the issues involved in the MDGs.
  • Public awareness campaigns - We will develop campaigns in our communities on the MDGs. However, we need support from our governments and the other stakeholders in order to be able to reach more people, particularly young people, most of whom are not aware of the MDGs.
  • Partnerships - We will develop partnership activities to inform our peers about the MDGs that include training and capacity building as well as youth empowerment.


At the next Tunza International Youth Conference in Bangalore in October delegates will report back on their success in achieving their commitments.

To view the commitments of all the participants of the Retreat, please visit our website

We would also like to know what you are doing to make the MDGs happen in your community. Write to with your commitments and ideas on the implementation of the MDGs.


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