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he election of the Tunza Youth Advisory Council (TYAC) was held at the Tunza International Youth Conference in Bangalore. Members of the Council advise UNEP on better ways of engaging young people, and represent youth in global and regional environment fora.

Of the 140 Conference participants, 29 announced their candidacy. Each was given an opportunity to brief participants on why they wanted to become members of the Council and what they could bring to it. The election was then held with each of the 67 countries represented having one vote.

After an inspiring presentation by UNEP-Sasakawa Environment Prize winner Ashok Khosla, in which he identified courage as the most important attribute needed to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, the new advisors were announced. It was a very emotional moment for the outgoing TYAC members, who have known each other for the past two years, grown very close and worked hard to develop
the Tunza ideals. Nonetheless, everyone wished the new members well in their two-year assignment.

Alan Woo, a past Tunza Youth Advisor for Asia and the Pacific, welcoming the new advisors.



Abdoul Byukusenge - Rwanda (19)
Edith January - Zimbabwe (14)
Maurice Odera - Kenya (10)
Frances Ojo - Nigeria (2)

West Asia
Buci Burhnan - United Arab Emirates (1)
Alaa Tariq Ahmad - Bahrain (4)

Asia and the Pacific
Zhang Boju - China (9)
Waranya Mei Roekpoorita - Thailand (11)
Shabab Safwan Bin - Bangladesh (15)
Reiner A. Tinapay - Philippines (6)

Latin America and Caribbean
Marina Masilla Hermán - Argentina (8)
Camila Ana López - Colombia (16)
Emilio Ramón Espino Ramos - Panama (5)

North America
Zach Bjornson - United States of America (18)
Juan Hoffmaister - United States of America (17)
Arunima Sharma - Canada (20)
Elissa Smith - Canada (21)

Cécile Marie Bordier - France (12)
Mihaela Hrsitova - Bulgaria (7)
Bjarke Andreas Kronborg - Denmark (3)
Dimitri Tasmali - Turkey (13)

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