5. What percentage of energy used around the world comes from fossil fuels?
a. 10 per cent
b. 25 per cent
c. 50 per cent
d. 90 per cent

6. Where does geothermal heat come from?
a. Earth's core
b. Sun
c. Wind
d. Ocean

7. How much has global energy use grown in the last 30 years?
a. 55 per cent
b. 70 per cent
c. 85 per cent
d. 100 per cent

8. How much of the energy used by the world's people currently comes from renewable sources?
a. 33 per cent
b. 20 per cent
c. 10 per cent
d. 5 per cent

  1. Burning which fossil fuel emits the least carbon dioxide (CO2)?
a. Natural gas
b. Oil
c. Coal

2. How much oil does it take to produce the 100,000,000,000 plastic bags used in the United States of America every year?
a. 190,000 litres
b. 19,000,000 litres
c. 190,000,000 litres
d. 1,900,000,000 litres

3. Which uses the most energy each year worldwide?
a. Motor vehicle transport
b. Air travel
c. Home heating
d. Home air-conditioning

4. Which country developed the first windmills?
a. The Netherlands
b. Egypt
c. Iran
d. India

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